Primary Colors:
  1. Pastel Green (#A8D5BA): Represents health and nature, offering a calming and fresh look.
  2. Pastel Gold (#F7DDAA): Conveys a sense of luxury while maintaining a soft and welcoming appearance.
  3. Pastel Cream (#FFF5E1): Provides a gentle, clean background that contrasts well with other pastel tones.
Secondary Colors:
  1. Pastel Brown (#D1BFA7): Adds warmth and an earthy feel, reinforcing the natural aspect.
  2. Pastel Gray (#D9D9D9): Adds sophistication and works well for text or secondary elements without overwhelming the design.
  3. Pastel Olive (#C5D5B5): Complements the pastel green and adds depth to the color palette.
Accent Colors:
  1. Light Pastel Gray (#EAEAEA): For subtle backgrounds or borders, keeping the design modern and clean.
  2. Soft Pastel White (#FDFDFD): For highlights and ensuring text stands out against darker backgrounds.
  3. Pastel Yellow (#FFF9D6): Adds a touch of warmth and can be used sparingly for accents or notifications.
Implementation Tips:
  1. Background: Use pastel cream or soft pastel white for the main background to keep it light and inviting.
  2. Headers and Footers: Use pastel green or pastel gray to provide a gentle, trustworthy feel.
  3. Buttons and CTAs: Use pastel gold to make them stand out and convey a sense of premium quality.
  4. Text: Use pastel gray or pastel brown for body text to maintain readability and a natural feel.
  5. Accents: Use pastel yellow and other accent colors sparingly to highlight important information or add visual interest.
Example Layout:
  1. Header: Pastel green background with pastel gold text.
  2. Main Background: Pastel cream or soft pastel white.
  3. Buttons/CTAs: Pastel gold with pastel green or pastel brown text.
  4. Body Text: Pastel gray or pastel brown.
  5. Footer: Pastel gray background with soft pastel white text.
  6. Accents: Pastel yellow for highlights or notifications.
Color Palette Example:
  • Primary: Pastel Green (#A8D5BA), Pastel Gold (#F7DDAA), Pastel Cream (#FFF5E1)
  • Secondary: Pastel Brown (#D1BFA7), Pastel Gray (#D9D9D9), Pastel Olive (#C5D5B5)
  • Accent: Light Pastel Gray (#EAEAEA), Soft Pastel White (#FDFDFD), Pastel Yellow (#FFF9D6)